Aleksandar Kocić

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I develop methods and tools that richly integrate the capabilities of people and machines in efforts to produce film, animation and game experiences. I combine skills and deep understanding of processes, data management, programming, and human-computer interaction to enable effective means for tight collaboration on projects of any scale.


Sep 2020
Pipeline Programmer at 3Lateral Novi Sad, RS
  • Ongoing efforts
Sep 2020
Apr 2018
Pipeline TD at Crater Studio Belgrade, RS
  • Multiyear engagement in rebuilding the studio pipeline from the ground up
  • Developed environment setup procedure (wrappers) for DCC applications
  • Developed custom tools for Maya, Houdini and Nuke
  • Responsible for Shotgun Toolkit integration, development and maintenance
  • Authored scripts and plugins for Deadline render farm software
  • Wrote a server application for VR project dealing with GPS/geodetic data
  • Lead an effort to improve communication tools and channels
  • Wrote and maintained both technical and production documentation
Mar 2018
Oct 2017
Pipeline TD at Eipix Entertainment Belgrade, RS
  • Implemented and maintained render farm software (afanasy)
  • Developed custom tools for Autodesk Maya and Blackmagic Design Fusion
  • Supported artists in technical areas (hair systems and distributed rendering)
  • Implemented tool distribution, shared resources and multi-location sync system
  • Responsible for layout, compositing and production coordination
Oct 2017
Mar 2016
Pipeline Developer at Eipix Entertainment Belgrade, RS
  • Standardized folder structure and naming convention across all art departments
  • Developed task tracking, metadata collection and task-starter tool
  • Wrote scripts for Maya, 3dsMax, After Effects and Photoshop
  • Responsible for video encoding and decoding
  • Helped develop an internal production tracking system
  • Combined external APIs with internal production tracking tools
  • Wrote render manager and publishing tool for cinematic artists
  • Set up and maintained an internal GitLab instance
Mar 2016
Nov 2014
Lead Cinematic Artist at Eipix Entertainment Novi Sad, RS
  • Co-lead a team of 20+ artists in creating cinematics for HOPA and F2P games
  • Storyboarded and directed numerous cinematics and trailers
  • Developed a reliable and repeatable production workflow
  • Helped spread best practices to other teams in the company
Nov 2014
Feb 2013
Senior Cinematic Artist at Eipix Entertainment Novi Sad, RS
  • Animated a number of cinematics for HOPA games
  • Mentored and supported other artists
Feb 2013
Sep 2012
  • Matte-painting, book cover design, 2D and 3D animation


2008–2013 BA in Animation and Visual Effects, University of Novi Sad Novi Sad, RS
2004–2008 Diploma in Business Administration, High School of Economy Bor, RS


2020 Architecting on AWS, Semos Education Belgrade, RS
2020 Developing on AWS, Semos Education Belgrade, RS
2018 Maya Technical Directors Course, Serguei Kalentchouk Belgrade, RS


Python, PyQt/PySide, MEL, JavaScript, Shell
CG Software
Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Fusion, Photoshop, After Effects, zBrush, Shotgun, Deadline
Git, SVN, ffmpeg, Linux (basics)


Native speaker
Very good skills both in writing and in verbal communication.


Marko Milićević

Senior Digital Composer at Framestore

Dušan Ković

Texture and Lookdev Artist at Autodesk

Aleksandar Nadj

CG Generalist at Pixomondo

Cassandra Bakić

Department Manager at Weta Digital

Bogdan Amidzić

VFX Supervisor at Crater Studio

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